The Upper Austrian approach to the labour market

In 2019, the monitoring plan will be modified to include new indicators and will be coordinated and adapted as part of a pilot phase.

At the time of the strategy’s reorientation, there is a need for professionals, particularly in a large number of technical professions at all levels of qualification, in ICT occupations, in health and care professions and – specifically to the region – in tourism and gastronomy professions. Additionally, there is a need to develop digital skills across all occupational fields. Due to various factors, however, the shortage of skilled labour can shift to other professions within a few years.

The strategic goals are therefore not designed from the outset to be a permanent approach for a specific, professional or qualification-specific need for professionals. Instead, the objectives – and the measures associated with them – should be able to be adapted or given a suitable focus, in order to best satisfy the specific need for skilled labour as it changes over time.