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Pact for work and qualification

The Upper Austrian support programme for work and qualification

An instrument at the heart of the implementation of the “Workplace Upper Austria 2030” strategy is the Pact for Work and Qualification Upper Austria (Pakt für Arbeit und Qualifizierung Oberösterreich - PAQ OÖ). This is an annually renewed joint agreement between the state, the Upper Austria AMS office, the Ministry of Social Services Upper Austria, social partners (Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour, ÖGB Upper Austria), the Federation of Industry Upper Austria and the State School Board for Upper Austria.

It forms the basis for comprehensive offers to improve the labour market participation of unemployed people through qualification, advice and employment; to promote the qualification of employees; and to ensure the supply of qualified and suitable workers to Upper Austrian companies. The pact is a nuanced programme or package of measures comprising many individual measures.

The pact is renegotiated each year and is thus able to react to changing requirements in the short to medium term. The annual strategic monitoring provides information which aids decision-making.

The structure of the pact will be adapted to the new direction from 2019.