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Workplace Stragegy for Upper Austria

The future of the Upper Austrian labour market

The skilled worker strategy for Upper Austria

The “Workplace Upper Austria 2030” strategy is part of a broader national and regional system. In the frame of Upper Vision 2030, Upper Austria’s active labour market policy is linked with the new economic & research policy priorities in order to ensure needs-based and future-oriented qualifications. Finding an optimal balance between labour market policy and vocational education in Upper Austria is therefore essential.

The following products of the strategy process are available for strategic control:

  • a summary document analysing the current situation and trends for the Upper Austrian labour market
  • analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the Upper Austrian labour market, and their relationship in a SWOT matrix
  • strategic scenario of Workplace Upper Austria 2030: a strategy document that outlines possible key features, core characteristics of the future labour market and relevant fields of action
  • annual monitoring as an important tool in strategic control, as certain metrics derived from monitoring shed light on the development of the intervention and highlight the need for controlling interventions

The vision is a labour market in which all groups of people are highly involved in working life (full employment) and where the professionals required by the Upper Austrian economy are available.

To achieve this vision, overarching strategic goals have been put in place. They are oriented around three key issues which are crucial for securing specialists:

  1. Needs-based qualification
  2. Activation for a high labour force participation
  3. Recruitment and retention of skilled labour

In order to reach these strategic goals, certain groups of people are often of particular importance in the labour market and therefore have to be explicitly considered in the strategy using an appropriate focus.