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Commercial skilled labour services

Skilled Labour Services Upper Austria – your partner for recruiting skilled labour

Commercial skilled labour consulting – our service for your company

You invest in Upper Austria

We help you to claim labour market policy-related subsidies provided by the State of Upper Austria and the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) as well as to establish contact with funding agencies and service partners.

A qualified labour force is your biggest capital

We help out with measures to secure professionals and offer you assistance in putting your employees through qualifications depending on your specific needs. Furthermore, we provide extensive advice and information regarding skilled labour recruitment and qualification free of charge.

With our help, you receive an overview of the current specialists’ situation, allowing you to make the best possible use of the potential in the location. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the labour market in the region, the professional’s situation, qualification opportunities or suitable recruitment strategies

Your benefit - we recognise the value of people as a location factor

We guarantee technical information and expertise of the region's labour market and skilled labour services. Through our one-stop-shop principle, we can ensure optimal process flows

Mag. Christian Mayer - Manager Fachkräfte Service OÖ Business Upper Austria - die Wirtschaftsagentur des Landes Oberösterreich

Mag. Christian Mayer, CMC

Project Management
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