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Qualification association for digital competence

Be prepared for the future – regional funding to put your professionals through qualifications

The Qualification Association for Digital Competence is a network of Upper Austrian companies that jointly face the challenges of digitization. The qualification community supports all companies with a location in Upper Austria and members of the WKO in the individual planning and joint implementation of in-company training. The training is funded by the AMS Upper Austria and the Economic Department of the State of Upper Austria. The qualification network was founded on September 26, 2017, but you can join at any time. Currently (as of November 2021 - start of new period June 21)> 109 companies are actively participating in the association. Austria's first qualification network for the promotion of digital skills is cross-sector. Comprises 50% SMEs and its member companies are spread over the whole of Upper Austria and all industries, so that the training content can also be organized according to regional focuses. In addition to the attractive funding, the regular network events open up a close exchange with other organisation and high-quality expert input to face the new challenges.

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