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Qualification association for digital competence

Be prepared for the future – regional funding to put your professionals through qualifications

The qualification association for digital competence, is a network of Upper Austrian companies that work together to tackle the challenges of digitisation. The qualification association supports manufacturing and production-related companies in the individual planning and joint implementation of in-company training. The training courses are funded by AMS Upper Austria and the Economic Department of the State of Upper Austria. The qualification association was founded on 26 September 2017, though you can still join at any time. At present (as of January 2019), 65 companies actively participate in the association. Austria's first qualification network for the promotion of digital skills covers multiple sectors, comprises 50 % of SMEs and its member companies are distributed throughout Upper Austria, which means it is also possible to organise training content according to regional priorities.

Foto: Mag. Sabrina Salchegger, BSc

Mag. Sabrina Salchegger, BSc

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