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Skilled labour force screening

Figures, data and facts on skilled labour force in Upper Austria

Regional information about Workplace Upper Austria

At first sight, the labour market is currently distinguished by contradictory features: the number of unemployed people and the unemployment rate are both rising, yet there are still staffing problems and even a shortage of skilled labour force which, in some cases, is even becoming worse. This situation reveals a mismatch between the requirements on the side of the demand (the companies) and the qualifications and abilities of the labour force (supply side) on the other.

As a way to more closely match the two, the skilled labour force screening project aims to analyse the regional labour markets in Upper Austria in more depth, both in terms of the current and anticipated demand for labour, as well as the available supply of labour. The project includes the following building blocks:

  • Preparation of data/information on the development of the regional supply of labour in Upper Austria and the regional demand for labour which is as professional and qualified as possible.
  • A rating (SWOT, “qualification balance sheet”) based on the data/information of the labour market and professional’s situation and their probable development in different regions (districts)

Providing information and recommendations to actors in the labour market, education and business, especially at the interface between school, work and career orientation

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